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thrive by five

The thrive by five initiative started with the release of a study published by One Voice for Volusia and the Community Agenda titled thrive by five:  ensuring hope, health & happiness in early childhood.  The study was released on February 4, 2009, to an audience of over 20 community leaders.  At that initial meeting, the group in attendance decided to take action on one of the study's key recommendations:

"The community efforts on behalf of our youngest residents should be coalesced to better provide efficient and effective services and generally enhance early childhood systems.  A review of existing services to identify opportunites for integrated service delivery would be beneficial for children and their families as well as child-serving organizations.  Funding proves to be a barrier identified by many sectors and/or organizations.  To start the dialogue, convene a work group dedicated to coordinate activities, integrate services and maximize current resources among the existing providers.  This work group would seek ways to maximize revenues and "connect the dots" among services to improve service delivery.  To achieve the best outcomes, interventions should occur as early as possible.  It is particularly important to identify and serve children with disabilities at the earliest point possible.

A Steering Committee of agency leaders was named at the meeting and tasked with the development of a Strategic Plan.  The Steering Committee met monthly begining in March 2009 and concluded their initial work in May 2010.  The draft plan was presented to community leaders on May 25, 2010, who helped prioritize strategies for additional planning and action in 2010-11.  The Steering Committee continued to meet regularly to guide plan implementation.  The Strategic Plan was revised in September 2011 and new priority strategies were identified for 2011-12.

In September 2012 a Leadership Roundtable was convened bringing together Executive Directors, Presidents and CEOs of over 20 organizations serving the youngest residents in Flagler and Volusia Counties, Florida.  The thrive by five Collaborative Leadership Team continues to meet bimonthly to identify, discuss and act on matters affecting prenatal through age five and their families.






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