Health & Wellness

What does it really mean to care for the health of the community? In 2006, this question, or a version thereof, was posed to the members of the Health & Wellness Workgroup. The answers varied and detailed the many components defining the true health of the community and what that can mean. In 2008, appropriate indicators were reported in both the crude rate and age-adjusted rate.

Our community provides an environment conducive to healthy living so individuals have the support and awareness necessary to reach optimal mental and physical health with access to comprehensive health care and preventive services.

Health & Wellness can mean access to affordable and quality services, treatment, prevention and support. It can also mean engaging in recreational activity, enjoying leisure activities and valuing a healthy lifestyle. By fulfilling the vision for this group, it is expected that the following outcomes will be achieved:

  • Babies are born healthy.
  • Individuals know where and how to access health care.
  • Illnesses are prevented and/or treated.
  • Individuals are physically and mentally healthy.
  • Individuals have opportuniies for education and support to decrease behaviors that lead to poor health outcomes.
  • Individuals have opportuniies for education and support of lifestyle choices that lead to good health outcomes.
  • Individuals have opportuniies and access to cultural and social interaction to better ensure good health outcomes.

As expected, a few of the fifteen unduplicated indicators featured in this group are related to death. Efforts and discussion led the way to including other indicators that relate to healthy living and living with illness through the provision of effective treatment. As more data on healthy lifestyles becomes available, the number of indicators in this focus area will increase.



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