Children & Youth

Children and Youth is the focus area that includes data indicators and demographic data that offer a Snapshot of the condition of youth in the community.  Originally, this was the largest Community Agenda workgroup.  The community volunteers active in this group were energized and deliberately specific in developing the vision for this focus area.

Our community has children and youth who are safe and secure with a family and support network that provides for their physical, emotional and educational needs in a nurturing and stable environment.

All children and youth have opportunities to thrive, reach their potential and become contributing, responsible, productive citizens.

By fulfilling the vision for Children and Youth, it is expected that the following outcomes will be achieved:

  • Children and youth are emotionally and physically healthy.
  • Children and youth are not involved in criminal activities.
  • Children and youth avoid use of illegal and unhealthy substances.
  • Children are prepared to enter school ready to learn.
  • Youth are provided with opportunities for positive youth development.
  • Children and youth are assisted in times of crisis.
  • Youth are provided with skills for gainful employment through effective education.
  • Children and youth have families and/or a support network involved in all aspects of their lives.
  • Children and youth are not exposed to criminal activities within their families or their neighborhoods.
  • Children with disabilities have access to support services in their homes and special needs are met.
  • At the earliest point possible, intervention is available (developmental, educational, therapeutic) to maximize the potential for success for children with disabilities.
  • Children with disabilities have access to social and recreational activities.

There are nine featured indicators relating to Children and Youth.



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