Families & Neighborhoods

It all starts at home. It is safe to assume that by tracing the steps of productive and motivated individuals; their home environment, family and where they are from are largely responsible for their successful transition from childhood to adulthood. This is equally so for individuals who struggle and are faced with challenges time and again. The vision for Families and Neighborhoods recognizes the importance of stability and community connections.

Our community has stable family units that feel safe, secure and connected to their family, neighborhoods and the community as a whole and who take personal responsibility for themselves and their neighborhood and have easy access to appropriate resources when they need help.

Initially, this workgroup began by asking “what makes a family and neighborhood strong?” Participants agreed that to build stronger families and neighborhoods, the following outcomes are necessary:

  • Basic needs for food, clothing and shelter are met.
  • Families are stable and independent.
  • Families are financially secure and not living in poverty.
  • Neighbors are helpful to each other and provide an additional – yet significant – environment of community.
  • Neighborhoods are safe and free from crime.

There are eleven indicators under this area which address components related to
family life and conditions, safety and behaviors.



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