Aging & Elderly

The six indicators identified for this focus area barely touch the surface of the interest and concern from the Community Agenda participants for this population. In 2006, detailed discussion within this group covered a wide range of issues including how many grandparents are raising or caring for their grandchildren. The scope of services available and utilized by elderly community residents are beyond these featured indicators. The data is not adundant but is growing. Whether the data researched was not available or not tracked the same way annually, it was clear to the workgroup as well as to the Community Agenda Steering Committee that there is more work to be done.

Our community provides an environment of security, independence, empowerment and respect for elderly citizens through access to a seamless system of support and services that assist individuals in reaching their personal potential for an enhanced quality of life.

By fulfilling the vision, it is expected that the following outcomes will be achieved:

  • Elderly individuals live independently, in appropriate, affordable housing.
  • Elderly individuals have access to support services in their homes and special needs are met.
  • Elderly individuals are healthy, both physically and mentally.
  • Elderly individuals have opportunities for gainful employment if desired.
  • Elderly individuals have access to social and recreation activities.




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