2016 Community Health Needs Assessment Reports

Flagler County Report containing data
                                    Volusia County Report containing data

Community Agenda Snapshot Data       

Data Arrangement

The annual Community Agenda Snapshot report is aptly named to provide a snapshot of heath and human services conditions in Flagler and Volusia Counties.  The Community Characteristics are arranged in tables of one-year data and Data Indicators display three-to five-year trend data.

                                        2018 Community Agenda Snapshot report 
                                        2018 Data

                                             A Look at Flagler County  
                                             A Look at Volusia County   
                                             Community Characteristics  new 11/19/18
                                             Data Indicators new 6/30/19

The Community Agenda Snapshot report utilizes a framework designed by community members at the outset of the community agenda process.  The framework is as follows:

                                        2018 Data                                      
                                        Special Reports
                                             Information & Referral      
                                        Focus Areas
                                              Children & Youth        
                                              Families & Neighborhoods 
                                              Aging & Elderly  new 6/30/19  
                                              Adults with Disabilities  new 6/30/19
Health & Wellness  new 11/19/18             
Data Updates

Each year, Community Agenda data is researched and updated with the most recent data available.  For additional details about data collection and display, please select from these options:

                                       About the Data
                                       Reading the Data
                                       Types of Data
                                       2018 Data Sources



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