Community Involvement - 2006

The success of the first implementation year was due to so many interested and helpful individuals lending their commitment and attention to the Community Agenda Snapshot. It is extremely important to recognize all of them for their contribution to this process and our intent is that all individuals who have been involved are included below. The list includes those who participated in a community workgroup, are a member of the Steering Committee, attended one of - or assisted with - the Town Hall meetings, assisted staff in research and data collection and/or was instrumental in spreading the word about the initiative through media, businesses and other contacts. Thank you to all of you.

Alan Abramowitz, Department of Children and Families
Rachel Achille, Neighbor to Family
Barbara Adair, Citizen
Councilwoman Joie Alexander, Volusia County Council
Toni Barrett, Stewart Marchman Center
Maryann Barry, Children's Advocacy Center
Karen Baum, Daytona Beach Police Department
Jennifer Beckwith, P3 Community Foundation, Inc.
Carole Belavek, Workforce Development/One-Stop Career System
Chet Bell, Stewart Marchman Center
Erin Blackwell, Mid Florida Community Services, Inc./Head Start Volusia
Julie Blanco-Davila, Girl Scouts of the Gateway Council
Maria Bledsoe, One Voice for Volusia
Kathy Bond, Citizen
Allison Bonilla, Central Florida Pregnancy Center
Randy Brown, Greater Daytona Beach Area YMCA
Eleanor Brown, City of Daytona Beach Leisure Services
Hugh Brown, Boys & Girls Clubs of Volusia/Flagler
Mary Bruno, Volusia County Schools
County Chairman Frank Bruno, Jr., Volusia County Council
Betty Bullock, Citizen
Jean Burroughs, Volusia County Schools
Eldra Burson, Family Life Center
Karen Cabiac, UF Rainbow Center - Daytona Beach
Linda Callaghan, One Stop Center
Gail Camputaro, Council on Aging of Volusia County
Susan Caplan, Caplan Management
Dee Cardillo, Eckerd ReEntry Program
Lynne Carr, Keiser College
Joni Casillas, The Salvation Army
Kathy Catron, Business Owner
Dr. Marilyn Chandler Ford, Volusia County Corrections
Lois Chappelle, Linking Ages
Diana Christen, Family Life Center
Deborah Circelli, Daytona Beach News Journal
Riza Cohen, Flagler County Schools
Dr. Thomas Coleman, Volusia County Health Department
Colleen Conklin, Focus on Flagler Youth Coalition
Ann A. Conley, Volusia County Schools
Kathy Conrad, Our Children First
Bryan Cooper, Citizen
Rachel Cooper, Greater Daytona Beach YMCA
Robin Corbett, Citizen
Cheryl Coxwell, International Speedway Corporation
David Craddock, Salvation Army
Sherri Crawford, Halifax Urban Ministries
Bill Crippen, Pierson Medical Center
Randy Croy, Serenity House of Volusia County
Commissioner Chairman James A. Darby, Flagler County Board of County Commissioners
Christine Davenport, Children's Home Society
Linda Davidson, Volusia County Schools
Barbara Davis, Retired/Community Volunteer
Dr. Betty Davis, Crime Stoppers of Northeast Florida
Lori Dawson, Volusia Literacy Council
Carmen De Angelis, Waiting Doesn't Hurt
Edwin DeBardeleben, Agency for Persons with Disabilities
Bill Delbrugge, Flagler County Schools
Mary Derr, West Volusia Hospital Authority Citizen Advisory Council
Jane Devine, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
David Dewkitt, Greater Daytona Beach YMCA
Doug Diehl, Citizen
Katie Diehl, Citizen
Yvonne Dixon, Central City Front Porch Florida
David Dixon, Handicapped Adults of Volusia County
Sharon Dorfman, SPECTRA
Dana Dougherty, United Way of Volusia/Flagler Counties
George Dounhoo, Family Court Services
Wayne Dreggors, Act Corporation
Elaine Dunlap, Keep Kids Drug Free Prevention Center at SMC
Bob Elkin, Palm Coast Data
Bonita Elswick, Citizen
Jacques Estes, Flagler Volunteer Services
Ivy Evans, City of South Daytona Parks & Rec
Richard Fay, Children's Medical Services
Rev. John Ferro, DUNAMIS Community & Outreach Ministries
Jayne Fifer, Volusia Manufacturers Association
Lizzie Flynt, RN, Retired Professional
Rick Fraser, Workforce Development Board/Center for Business Excellence
Nancy Freeman, Boy Scouts of America
Cheryl Fuller, Domestic Abuse Council, Inc.
Cathy Galotti, Volusia County Schools
Carolyn Gardinier, Volusia County Schools
Kathryn Garner, Retired
Carrie Garnett, One Voice for Volusia
Eric Gayton, The Flagler Times
Rev. Patricia Geese, Deltona Christian Church
Bruce Gesinski, Family Renew Community
Councilman Art Giles, Volusia County Council
Christy Gillis, United Way of Volusia/Flagler Counties
Larry Glinzman, American Lung Association of Florida
Lori Grant, United Way of Volusia/Flagler Counties
Shonna Green, United Way of Volusia/Flagler Counties
Gail Gregory, Mental Health Association/Suicide Prevention
Judge Hubert L. Grimes, State of Florida 7th Judicial Circuit
Susan Haley, Children's Home Society of Florida
Gail Hallmon, The House Next Door
Carol Hargy, Act Corporation, Inc
Grisel Hart, Child Care Resource Network
Councilman Jack Hayman, Volusia County Council
Paul Heaton, American Red Cross
Nikole Helvey, Health Planning Council
Randy Henderson, DeLand Police Department
Timothy Henderson, Citizen
Greg Higgerson, Second Harvest Food Bank
Debra Hill, Flagler County Health Department
Joanne Hinkel, Flagler Community Services
Milissa Holland, James F. Holland Foundation
Bill Holland, Department of Juvenile Justice
Ronee Hudson, Center for the Visually Impaired
Sherri Hutto, Easter Seals of Volusia & Flagler Co.
Angela Jackson, Substance Abuse & Mental Health Program Office
Ruthann Jacobson, Easter Seals of Volusia & Flagler Co.
L. Sue James, Serenity House of Volusia, Inc.
Edward L. Jasper, County of Volusia
Loretta Jennings, Outreach Community Care Network
Kelly Johanessen, WORC/United Cerebral Palsy of East Central Florida
Big John, Citizen
Peggy Johnson, County of Volusia
Lawana Johnson, Career Steps, Inc.
Patrick Johnson, RN, Flagler County Health Department
Cindy Johnston, Parent
Lize Kalashian Bell, Healthy Start Coalition of Flagler and Volusia
Commissioner Blair R. Kanbar, Flagler County Board of County Commissioners
Curtis Kaslewicz, Citizen
Robert Kelly, Florida Lions Conklin Center for the Blind
Lynn Kennedy, Promoting Safe and Stable Families/ The House Next Door & CBC
David Kerr, Retired Professional
Commissioner Vice-Chairman Herschel King, Flagler County Board of County Commissioners
Nancy Kisseloff, Parent
Debra Knight, Department of Juvenile Justice
Bobby Lambert, Volusia County Sheriff's Office
Susan LeBlanc, The Healthy Start Coalition of Flagler & Volusia Counties, Inc.
Elana Lee, Stewart-Marchman Center Foundation
Linda Levin, Area Agency on Aging
Councilman Dwight Lewis, Volusia County Council
Isabelle Liberatore, DBCC Women's Center
Brianna Lilly, Family Life Center
Sharon Linkchorst, ACT/B.E.A.C.H. House
Lynda Linke, Flagler County Community Services
Ann Lisk, Citizen
Dr. Lionel Long, Volusia County Schools
Councilman Bill Long, Volusia County Council
Kathryn Lopez, Arc Angels of Flagler, Inc.
Glenda Low, Suncoast Radiology
Charon Luebbers, Visual Arts Consultant
Gloria Luther, Healthy Volusia
John Lynch, Citizen
Lavonne Lynch, Our Children First
Ken Ma, Orlando Sentinel
Claris Mac'Kie, Family Renew Community
Mike Manning, Daytona International Speedway
Telma Marques, Mid Florida Community Services, Inc./Head Start Volusia
Jill Matthew, Act Corporation
Charlotte McBride, Retired Teacher
Gretchen McDonald, Cypress Coquina Bank
Belinda A. McElveen, State of Florida 7th Judicial Circuit
Raelyn Means, The United Way of Volusia/Flagler
Mike Medford, Boys&Girls Clubs of Volusia and Flagler Counties
Linda Merrell, CHAIN
Laura Meyer, Florida Suicide Prevention Coalition
Dr. Myra Middleton, Flagler County Schools
Jane Miller, Early Learning Coalition of Flagler & Volusia Counties
Greg Milliken, Neighbor to Family
Mary Lou Mirino, Children and Families Advisory Board
Herman Mitchell, Greater Daytona Beach YMCA
Lois Moltane, SED Network
Chief Gerald Monahan, Port Orange Police Department
Andrew Moore, Volusia County Schools, Title I
Rob Newbury, Act Corporation
Pam Novy, Pierson Elementary
Lynda O'Connell, Citizen
Commissioner James M. O'Connell
, Flagler County Board of County Commissioners
Lynn Parfitt, Daytona Beach Leisure Services
Jean Parlow, Volusia County MPO
Steve Parrish, Healthy Communities
Dr. Tammey Payne, Christian Encouragement Association, Inc.
Leslie Pearce, The Healthy Start Coalition of Flagler & Volusia Counties, Inc.
Jose Perez, United Way Board of Directors
Councilman Carl G. Persis, Volusia County Council
Ted Petrucciani, Volusia County Schools
Diana Phillips, County of Volusia - Community Assistance
Wanda Phillips, Citizen
Judge Julianne Piggotte, Seventh Judicial Circuit
Christina Pinto, Parent
John Poage, Bright House Networks
Barry Pollack, WORC/United Cerebral Palsy of East Central Florida
Robin Pollack, Easter Seals of Volusia & Flagler Co.
Bill Poniatowski, Volusia County Schools
Millie Portocarrero, Cypress Coquina Bank
Gloria Preston, Department of Children and Families
Debbie Przygoda, Child Care Resource Network
Tammy Putnam, About Face
Sandy Rakes, Great Kids Explorer Club
Liz Rauseo, The House Next Door
John Redigan, Association for Retarded Citizens
Susan Reed Barry, Act Corporation, Childrens Services
Paul Reeser, AARP
Trish Reonas, Flagler Community Transition Team
Debra Rhodes, SAMH Program Office
Donna Ridgway, Girl Scouts of the Gateway Council
Richard Rintz, Morgan Stanley
Lindsay Roberts, Volusia/Flagler County Coalition for the Homeless, Inc.
Kathleen Roberts, One Voice for Volusia
Dan Roll, American Red Cross
Sarah Rone, Daytona Beach Community College
Soncera Ross, Promoting Safe and Stable Families/The House Next Door & CBC
Claudia Roth, RN, Citizen
Marisol Rubio, Volusia County Schools, Title I
Lisa Ryals, Boys & Girls Clubs of Volusia/Flagler
Jim Ryan, Volusia County Emergency Management
Ray Salazar, United Way of Volusia/Flagler Counties
Steve Sally, The House Next Door
Michele Sanders, City of Daytona Beach, Weed & Seed Project
Glenda Santiago, Division of Corrections
Deanna Schaeffer, Healthy Communities
JoAnn Schafer, PACE Center for Girls
Deborah Schlageter, One Voice for Volusia
Nita Schmellick, P3 Community Foundation, Inc.
Lou Schmitt, Citizen
Kristen Selim, Juice Plus
Ted Serbousek, Jon Hall Automotive
Jo Sheppard, Child Care Resource Network
Stefan Sibley, Ormond Beach Performing Arts Center
Lynn Sinnott, Easter Seals of Volusia/Flagler
Sue Skowronsky, Volusia County Schools
Emily Small, FAITH
Heather Smith, American Heart Association
Sopheap Sok, The United Way of Volusia/Flagler
Pastor J.C. Steele, Deltona Christian Church
Warren Steele, Department of Children and Families - Adult Services
Judith Stetson, Citizen
Judith Stetson, Flagler R.S.V.P.
Betty Story, One Voice for Volusia
Harley Strickland, Retired
Sandra Stubbs, Abundant Life Ministries-Hope House
Ann Sturgeon, Citizen
Bob Sturgeon, Citizen
Joe Sullivan, Boys & Girls Clubs of Volusia/Flagler
Deborah Susswein, Healthy Communities/SAFE KIDS
Raymond A. Sylvestre, Dove Villas
Tim Sylvia, United Way of Volusia/Flagler Counties
Lynda Tarus, Act Corporation
Jan Taylor, State of Florida Health Department/Children Medical Services
William Ternent, Retired Educator
Peggy Thomas, Flagler County Community Services/Senior Services Division
Mark Thornell, Greater Daytona Beach YMCA
Marilyn Travis, Reed Patillo Elementary School
John Turan, Healthy Communities
David Van Dyke, Catholic Charities
Bill Vivian, Flagler County Public Transportation
Karen Vogt, Children's Advocacy Center
Amy Vogt, United Way of Volusia/Flagler Counties
Deborah Walker, Act Corporation
Ben Warner, Jacksonville Community Council, Inc.
M.F. Warren, Domestic Abuse Council, Inc.
Susan Wesley, Department of Children and Families
Dr. David Wesser, Stewart Marchman Center
Bob Wetton, Area Agency on Aging
Carol Wick, PACE Center for Girls
David Wiggins, The Daytona Beach News Journal
Samuel A. Willett, Bank of America
Lexie Williams, Daytona Beach Police Department
Reggie Williams, Department of Children and Families
Gary Willoughby, Votran
Carrie Wilson, The Healthy Start Coalition of Flagler & Volusia Counties, Inc.
Pam Woods, Volusia County Schools
Teresa Wright, Wright Marketing Works
Brenna Young, Children's Home Society
Laura Zgol, United Way of Volusia/Flagler Counties
Ron Zychowski, Community Based Care of Volusia and Flagler Counties

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2006 Community Involvement




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